Head Demo

Because you can’t describe sound with words, Stebal Drums offers you the opportunity to hit a head and pick your sound.

Drum head selection can be very confusing with all the options available to us today. We can talk about the sound that a particular head will produce (round, attack, dry, thin, ring, dead, open, wet, etc.) but that may or may not help the situation. Everyone’s perception of a word is not the same. You need to hit a head, on a drum, to really get your answer. The minute you hear that sound, not one word needs to be spoken. You immediately understand what that particular head is all about.

You can do this at Stebal Drums. The Drumhead Demo was conceived to solve your confusion and to open your ears to the many possibilities of sound that exist. Compare bass drum heads and tom heads. Each bass shell is exactly the same to make an honest comparison. The same goes for each tom shell.

We are proud to offer such a unique service to all drummers who value their own sound. Come in and and see for yourself… and hit ’em hard!

Stebal Drums stocks drum heads from Remo, Aquarian, Attack, and Evans. We also stock Natural Skins (calf, goat, and steer).
Head Demo

Head Demo2