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Puresound Vintage Snare Wires

Puresound's Vintage Series snare wires are designed not only to replace worn and no longer available wires on vintage snare drums, they are also designed to enhance the performance of those classic drums.  With a new set of Puresound wires, Dynasonics, Radio Kings, WFL's, and Super-Sensitives will sound and perform as well if not better than they did when they were new.

Rogers Dynasonic Slingerland Radio King Ludwig Super-Sensitive Ludwig WFL

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Rogers Dynasonic®

Rogers Dynasonic®

Not only do these 16-Strand wires fit the Dynasonic's cast aluminum frame perfectly, they also improve the sound and performance of both wood and metal Dynasonic models.
(Frame not included)

Standard Rail, Order #PD-1416

Slingerland Radio King®

Slingerland Radio King®

The 16-Strand Puresound snare wires for the legendary Radio Kings recreate the classic sound of the solid-shell drums.  Available with or without metal tab.

Clamshell Throw-off, Order #PR-1416

Metal Tab Mounting, Order #PRS-1416

Extended Tab Length, Order #PRE-1416

Ludwig Super-Sensitive®

Ludwig Super-Sensitive®

Puresound's special 12-Strand wires restore the super sensitivity of Ludwig's famed concert snare drum while maintaining correct alignment and operation of the
Super-Sensitive's snare strainer.

1920 - 1968, Order #PS-1412

1968 - Present, Order #PS-1416

Ludwig WFL®

Ludwig WFL®

Two models of Puresound's 16-Strand wires renew and upgrade the performance of the once-popular WFL snare drums.

1 Screw or String Mounting, Order #PL-1416

3 Screw Mounting, Order #PL3-1416


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