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Ludwig 1970's Vistalite Snare 6.5x14

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Amedia Turkish Cymbals

More top-quality Turkish Cymbals have just arrived.

The know how to produce these superior instruments evolves from ancient traditions which have been handed down from generation to generation. For hundreds of years Turkish Cymbal Smiths have been nurtured ,developed and have become Master Cymbal Smiths by adopting and working this process. The cymbal smiths and the process are proven by the unique musicality of the cymbals.

Continuing this tradition of the past masters Amedia fully employs these methods, formulas and recipes that have been handed down for generations and applying the process to traditional cymbals in the Amedia line as well as the development of cutting edge new models.

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Ahead Metronome Pad

Recommended by teachers and students, the AMP combines the benefits of conventional practice pads and metronomes with the educational advantages of on-board electronics, including a Drum Meter-style stroke counter to measure progress. The interactive AMP helps drummers improve their control, speed, endurance, flexibility and timing in a variety of standard and odd-meters—making practice more enjoyable and more efficient.

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