Sal Giancarelli Drum Clinic
Tuesday, 8/5/14 @7pm
Presented by Yamaha Drums

Sal is the Current Drummer with the band Staind

Meet Sal in this Video
Meet Sal (part 2)

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Sal Giancarelli Bio
For Sal Giancarelli, it was just drums and music, all day, everyday, starting in the 5th grade. Through all of middle school and high school, Sal participated in many musical events: wind ensemble, jazz ensemble, solo competitions, all-county and area-all-state wind and jazz ensembles, musical pit bands, marching bands, private lessons, as well as jamming and forming original and cover bands.
In the late 1990's Sal gained a very small scholarship to Berklee College of Music. Unfortunately he couldn't attend due the "very small" part of it, but the visits and the audition were an incredible process.  He studied music at Onondaga Community College, and played in a steady original band. The band relocated to Northampton, MA.  They spent a few years there, forming other bands, and playing around the northeast.  They also played shows with other bands in the area: Staind and Shadows Fall.
This band then came home, regrouped, and headed to Los Angeles. During their few months there, they attended a Sevendust, Skunk Anansie, and Staind show. They met up with the band and the road crew.  After that show, only a few months later, “change was knocking”
Back from Los Angeles, Sal’s brother informed him that Staind would like him to come out and try the drum tech position for a couple weeks. That couple of weeks has turned into 13 years and counting. Starting in October 1999 Sal was drum tech for Staind on the Family Values Tour, and in between Staind tours, worked with Poison, Prince, Filter, Slash, and Rob Thomas.
Sal was also very diligent in trying to maintain a drumming career as well. After going through some hardships while recording their latest album, Staind was left without a drummer and Sal got the call. The last year and half have been amazing for Sal to be behind the kit with a band and crew that he has toured with for many years.


Josh Touchton

and the Evans Tune Up Clinic

1ST 10 DRUMMERS TO BRING IN THEIR SNARE WILL GET A FREE EVANS BATTER HEAD AND TUNE-UP. Josh Touchton started destroying drums at the tender age of eight. From that point nothing was sacred and the quest for optimum drum sounds started. Josh always took extra time in set up and tuning, getting great drum sounds was key to stage and studio performances. In 1993 Josh’s tuning was taken to the next level when he met and studied (or ate copious amounts of Mexican food to be more exact) with legendary Billy Cobham and John Bonham drum tech, Jeff Ocheltree. Jeff accepted no less than perfection of sound for the drum, room, or song, and even less for the complete understanding of what it took to get to that level and the same was demanded from Josh. Also that year Josh began working in tandem with Gibson Custom Shop guitar tech Ryan Futch, working on the southeast festival circuit and getting to work with such acts as The Band, Wilco, Fishbone, the Bottle Rockets, P-Funk, Jeff Healey, Willie Nelson, B.B. King, the International Blues Festival and the W.C Handy Awards. In addition Josh has gotten to tech in tour, studio, and in clinic settings for Bernard Purdie, Gregg Bissonette, Nick D’Vigilio, Big Country, Wilco, and Emmylou Harris and has built drums for Saliva, Wilco, Dwight Yoakham, Smashmouth, Gregg Bissonette, ELO, Mark Schulman, Mark Brzezicki, Gary Husband, Brady Blade, and Steve White and has had his drums heard commercials from Honda and Sears and several Grammy nominated albums.

The Evans Tune up Clinic is a great way to learn about keeping your drums in tiptop shape through following several simple steps. It’s a great way to make your sound heard in studio or live settings. More than anything it help develop the drummer’s own personal sound so that he or she will stand out.

As the Southern Regional Sales Manager for J. D’Addario & Co., Josh does over 30 drum tuning clinics a year with Evans Drumheads, focusing on ways to optimize any drum’s sound. Josh’s approach is one that makes tuning understandable for the beginner to the professional and takes the time to make the clinic attendee comfortable with tuning, drum head selection and ultimate optimization of their own personal drum sound